Are we seeing the real commercialisation of the LinkedIn platform?  With the introduction of the Careers and Products/Services tabs on Company pages, LinkedIn now provides the perfect place for companies to showcase their wares.  A step up from being coy about ‘selling’ – businesses can present detailed information on their products including images and links to specific websites.

Additionally, you will start to notice even more advertising on a wide range of pages.  To the right hand side of connections and at the bottom of most pages.  The companies advertising are no strangers to our screens but the flickering images are a departure from the usually calm LinkedIn screens.

Keeping up to date with social media platforms is a crucial part of our role as business advisers.  Helping businesses make the right decisions balancing risk and return is one of our specialities.  We build strategies and train our clients in the most appropriate use of LinkedIn and other social media sites as part of their overall marketing plan.