How to publicise your all important events on social media

It is a well-known fact that it costs all professional service companies approximately 10 times more to gain a new client than provide exemplary customer service to maintain a healthy relationship with existing clients.  Nevertheless, few of us escape the task of finding those all-important new clients who are the life-blood of growing businesses.  The article on presentations and pitches, published last week, clearly demonstrated that trust is best built at the personal level once all the hard work of  cold calling, e-marketing, direct sales letters and telephone calls has been done.

So, how do we advise our clients on the best use of social media marketing for raising awareness of presentations, seminars and local events?  One of the ways we recommend is using LinkedIn.  This social media platform is the perfect business tool as so many individuals use it every day.  There are over 8 million individual UK LinkedIn members.  Unsurprisingly nearly 1.5 million are based within 10 miles of the centre of London – these numbers are growing every day.  Within 10 miles of the centre of St Albans, where we are based, there are 111,000 LinkedIn members.

So if you are planning an event, such as a seminar on NEST, to educate your existing and potential clients there are essentially 3 simple steps to setting the details up on LinkedIn:

  1. From your Home screen, select More on the main Navigation bar and from the drop-down menu click on Events.  LinkedIn selects some events you might be interested in from the information in your profile.  We have found clients by attending events we would otherwise have not known about from this part of LinkedIn alone.
  2. Once you click on the Create Event button the next screen is self-explanatory.  Ensure you check any links feed through to the correct page on your website and that you include the correct time and details of how to register.
  3. You are then able to share this event on LinkedIn itself, on Twitter and on Facebook.  There are other ways you can use this LinkedIn page by using the domain name assigned to the event (url) in communications:


  • Send LinkedIn messages inviting your connections and include the url.
  • Post the url in a LinkedIn update.
  • Create a discussion on the LinkedIn Groups you are a member of.
  • Include the url in your next newsletter or e-marketing campaign.
  • Ensure all your employees who have a LinkedIn profile share the Event with their network.
  • Post an update to your LinkedIn Company page.
  • Once someone comments on the event the information is then spread to their network and so on.

For a full explanation of how this works in practice, take a look at this video which gives you a real life example of how the process works.  We used LinkedIn to promote a local Kick Start 2021 business event and over 83 people registered on LinkedIn and there were over 120 visitors on the day.


The main advantage of using this method for promoting events is the fact that it is free, apart from a little time.  In addition, it gives you, the organiser, a chance to communicate with attendees before the event and a reason for following up with those people who didn’t make it on the day.

Why not try this simple technique the next time you hold those all-important seminars?

Using LinkedIn to Promote your Events

Alterra Business Consulting shows you how to use LinkedIn to promote Events

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