Capturing your Clients’ Attention

There is no doubt that the majority of online content is significantly enhanced by images.  Research shows that the time visitors spend on your website is greatly extended with the use of photographs of the contributors.  In a fast-moving world, ensuring your existing and potential clients revisit your website frequently is the knowledge that the information they will find will be up-to-the minute, useful content.  It is the short video clip which allows you capture your reader’s attention and many of the large investment management groups are including a range of video on their websites.

So what are the main benefits of including videos?

1. Video improves the look of the page

A video brings a static website to life making it a dynamic place for visitors to revisit. Some of the different types of information which can be included are:

  • A promotional video featuring members of your team and their roles in the company
  • For a complicated website, a website tour which guides visitors around the site telling them where they can find specific information
  • A virtual tour shows your visitors the physical location of your offices and brings your company to life.  This helps orientate guests who might be visiting your office.

2. Videos for Demonstrating Products and Services

The ‘How-to’ video is one of the most popular on the internet.  Companies use this genre to educate their clients on a particular aspect of their products and services.  This is intended to build a closer relationship between the company and their clients and to improve customer service, saving both time and money.

  • Use video to demonstrate how to install or set up a product
  • Use video to show how you work together as a team on particularly projects
  • Use video to train clients and staff remotely

3. Videos for showcasing Your Expertise

Many of the topics in the finance field require detailed, specialist knowledge.  There is no better way to convince your audience of your expertise than to explain an aspect of a particular topic in a question and answer video.  Examples of such videos include:

  • Educational videos that provide visitors with in-depth information relating to your expertise
  • Keep your audience up to date with news headlines and how they are impacted by changes in the industry

4. Video for Driving Traffic to Your Website

Any video that you produce should be hosted on the main video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.  Vimeo has particularly good analytics and YouTube is the ‘go to’ site for all manner of videos and, owned by Google, it really helps with your website’s ranking in search engines.  Search engines love video and with the correct video SEO, including a transcript, you can use video to drive traffic to your website.

  • Titles should include specific keywords and should be ‘tagged’
  • Several videos which focus on a specific topic will help push your website up the search engine results
  • Use multiple video sharing sites to increase links back to your main website

5.  Video for Promoting a Special Offer or Event

Just as many companies create a special advertisement to let customers know about an upcoming special offer, you can use video to ‘advertise’ on your website:

  • Use video to explain the benefits of new products you are selling
  • Include promotional codes within videos to reward viewers
  • Use video to notify customers of upcoming, time-limited offers

6. Video to put a Face to the Name

As we all become more familiar with the idea of being ‘social’ on the internet, consumers will expect to see the faces behind the brand.  Clients like to know the face behind the name of the person they speak to on the phone.  This can be achieved with:

  • A 30 second  welcome video on your home page
  • Profile videos that introduce the people who key to the service you are offering
  • There is nothing more powerful than a genuine testimonial video supporting your great customer service.  The independence nature of a video endorsement greatly enhances credibility

7. Video to Encourage Regular Visits to Your Website

One of the main challenges all businesses face, is keeping potential clients returning to their websites frequently.  Providing regular, quality content, visitors will return again and again to see what new videos you are offering.

  • Produce regular video podcasts with timely information on the markets ensuring they are fully compliant
  • Use an RSS feed which will email visitors as soon as new videos appear on the website
  • Use videos to promote events and recent activities at your business and ensure that the content can be shared easily.

8. Use Video to Stand Out From the Competition

Probably the most important reason for including a video is that it allows you to distinguish your company from the competition.  Although more widespread, video is not generally used in by financial advisers and it is not yet viewed as common practice.  There are so many places on the internet where your videos can appear in addition to your website.

  • Add a video to your business listing in online directories and in your LinkedIn Company page
  • Promote your videos on local websites and Google Places and in replies to discussion on relevant forums
  • Links to your videos can be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sharing and bookmarking sites.


So make a difference to the way you communicate on your website and consider the wide variety of content you can share on a short video.  With an enthusiastic presenter, you can get your message across in a fast-paced piece to camera giving the visitor to your website much more detailed information than if they had to read it.