The last few weeks have seen three main changes on LinkedIn which may have passed you by, as well as several minor ones.

LinkedIn Signal is has turned red

The first is the removal of LinkedIn Signal which allowed the searching and filtering of updates. We found this useful for not only for monitoring keywords but also for reporting on activity for our clients. No reason was given by LinkedIn and despite my plea to the CEO no alternative solution was proffered. My view is that jobs were being posted as updates circumventing the paid-for jobs function on LinkedIn so reducing one of their revenue streams.

One of the difficulties for FCA regulated companies is how do they produce an audit trail of updates for compliance purposes? Unless they have software, it is an administrative nightmare.

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LinkedIn Sponsored Posts move brands into the limelight

The second change is the introduction of sponsored posts a la Facebook. Based on the pay per click model, companies are able to promote an update which will then appear on the home feed of a targeted audience. This is in addition to the PPC ads which currently appear on the right hand side of various LinkedIn pages.

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Share your Knowledge

Finally, not only are you able to attach files to your personal page updates but also to company updates. There is a small paper-clip symbol in the top right hand corner of the update box. Just click and add a file from your computer. It will stand out more if the document has a brightly coloured well designed cover. So get artistic with your PDFs.


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