When social media is central to your marketing streamline your Twitter activity with some of these twitter tools. With this shortlist you can identify the tools you need to help you run your twitter account in the best way possible, whether it is to find new followers or to visualise the effects and reach of your tweets. And they are all free!

Twitter Tools to help you find new followers


Followerwonk makes networking on twitter fast and easy with its ingenious search tool. All you have to do is type in a keyword and start searching. You can specify your search even further and it will filter away the results you don’t need. Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter bios in order to target your networking strategy, making it much more effective. These results can be sorted by the users location, their influence on twitter and their activity on twitter.

Followerwonk is also helpful if you want to see your twitter influence compared with the influence of up to three other Twitter accounts. This is an excellent method of understanding the activity of your competitors and how they could affect you. Followerwonk has many other tools of use including ‘Analyse Followers’, ‘Track Followers’ and ‘Sort Followers’.



Twellow is a simple but very effective tool for Twitter users. It is, essentially, the Yellow Pages for Twitter. You can use it to search for individuals who have listed themselves in specific categories such as ‘News & Media’ or ‘Recreation & Sports’, all of which have numerous subcategories, or you can enter your own search term. It is possible to list yourself on Twellow. The system will then assess which categories you should be in and where you rank in the categories.


Refollow is another tool which makes establishing connections with the right Twitter users very easy. It can narrow down your search criteria to the smallest detail. There is an option to filter people according to what they have mentioned in past tweets. This should provide a pool of Twitter users tailored exactly to your needs. Essentially, Refollow helps users to engage with their followers in an active and precise manner. Once you are onto the next stage of assessing your current followers Refollow will also help you to separate the active from the inactive accounts and those that are no longer relevant to your network.

Tools to help you analyse your current Twitter followers


Twitblock is a no nonsense tool for Twitter users who have simply had enough of spam users cluttering up their Twitter. With the balance of following/followers so delicate, it is important to eliminate spam profiles from your following list. Twitblock is a fast and efficient method to removing these profiles. Once you have identified which profiles are of no use to you, you can block them for as long as you want.


Tweepi is another useful tool to help maintain your network. The tool helps you to unfollow people who are not following you, follow those who follow you, unfollow inactive profiles and force people to unfollow you. This is a fuss-free method of tidying up and extending your network. Tweepi also shows analytical information on each Twitter user. You can then sort users into different groups based on this information. This is tool for everyday use but by using it periodically you will only target the people you want to reach out to.

Tools to streamline multiple accounts


Hootsuite gives you the ability to manage social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc simultaneously. Streams from all aspects of each social media profile can be observed and edited on one easy to use dashboard. A business with a Twitter account is also likely to have other social media profiles, so setting them up on the same interface is incredibly useful. An added bonus to Hootsuite is its ability to schedule comments to be posted on all your platforms simultaneously. The same message could be Tweeted and posted on Facebook five hours after you have written it. Key words can also be identified so anyone who posts something with those words in will be isolated on a specific stream. Hootsuite can also track trends and analyse tweets.


Tweetdeck is an application made by Twitter for Twitter. Available as a web-based sign in service, a Google Chrome app or a desktop app, Tweetdeck permits you to manage multiple twitter accounts from the same dashboard. The Twitter feeds are fully customisable and can be powerfully filtered so you only see what you want. Tweets can also be scheduled within the dashboard. It has a very clean and easy to use interface which is an added bonus. Essentially, Tweetdeck helps you to manage your Twitter accounts in a highly efficient manner, saving you time and effort.

Tools to organise your tweeting strategically


Tweriod is a tool which assesses the best times for you to tweet based on the activity of your followers. Tweriod generates a report based on up to 1,000 of your followers and notifies you when it is ready. This tool narrows down when you will have the active attention of your followers. It is so detailed that it specifies the times of which days a post will receive most exposure. This is a tool you use once to generate an initial report. When you have more followers you can assess what has changed and generate another free report. Tweriod also includes a tool to create a bar graph based on your number of tweets and retweets each month for the past 12 months.


Buffer is an analytical tool which schedules tweets and demonstrates how effective your they are. With Buffer you can discover how many people retweet or favourite your tweet, how many clicks you receive and which people retweet and favourite your tweet. The last piece of information includes their username and the amount of followers they have. Buffer assesses the optimum time to tweet based on the activity of your followers. Once you have written and scheduled tweets they will be sent automatically at the best time. If used correctly you can allot time at the start of the day to compose tweets and Buffer will do the rest for you over the course of the day.

Tools to show the effects of your tweets


When you have found followers, streamlined your accounts and sent a few tweets you can then use an tool such as Twitonomy. Twitonomy will plot all your top mentions and retweets on a graph to visually represent the data. This data can show the individuals that retweeted your tweets which you can then use to discover their tweets and followers. From here you can then go on to assess the frequency of their tweets, their top mentions and retweets and the hashtags they used most. Within your own activity, Twitonomy can calculate how many tweets are sent per day, how many links are sent per day, which users you often retweet and who replies to you the most. This tool is very useful for people who want to assess where their tweets are reaching and whether there are any useful followers of followers to connect with. 

URL shortening sites

Many people are still unaware of the power of URL shortening sties such as Goo.gl and Bitly. These websites are not only useful for shortening URLs so they fit into tweets, they also track what happens to the URL once you have posted it. Goo.gl has an incredibly simple design and an easy interface. It makes it possible to track how many people click on your links, whether they accessed it from mobile or computer, where in the world they are from and what type of browser they use to access the link. This helps to understand the community your tweets are reaching.


Twilert sends you email alerts when your name, brand or any other keywords of your choosing are mentioned in a tweet. It shows who sent the tweet so, if you wish, you can examine their activity as part of your Twitter community. The search can be narrowed down to specific users or locations. This tool will demonstrate the rate at  which your keywords are mentioned to help you assess any trends.


Klout assesses the interests and activities of your followers so you can tailor your content to appeal to your community. Klout shows the tweets that generated the most responses from the past 90 days. Klout scores are given to you and your followers which depend on a variety of factors. This score is representative of how influential that Twitter account is. With this score you can search out influential people and engage with them to improve your Twitter community. Klout’s layout is easy to understand and could improve the effectiveness of your tweets dramatically.

Bonus Twitter tools:

‘How to # By Twitter’

Twitter has released an infographic to help people through the thought process on when and what to ‘hashtag’. It may not be a serious, analytical program like some of the aforementioned tools but it is very informative.



TwileShare is a website which allows you to share files on Twitter that you have uploaded. TwileShare gives you 1GB of storage space to share images, documents, PDFs or even ebooks, and all for free. Twileshare will also record how many people have viewed your file.