I am increasingly recommending to clients that we add images – either graphics or photos – to all the blogs and social media updates we create for them. There is no shortage of evidence that social media posts with images gain more shares, comments, likes, favourites and retweets. They also take up more of the screen and are far more eye-catching on a mobile than pure text.

To help you elevate your LinkedIn profiles and activity, I have put together the following Reference Guide.

Download your copy of the Guide here: LinkedIn Image Reference Guide

A different LinkedIn Image for Profiles, Companies and Groups

Profile photo

  • No company logos
  • No landscapes
  • No animals
  • No words or phrases

Profile photo 400px x 400px – MFS* 10Mb

Banner image 1000px x 425px – MFS 4Mb



Update thumbnail 180px x 110pxupdate

Upload image 800px x 800px


Long form post 698px x 400px abd Pulse thumbnail 70px x 70px

It is important when you post to the new publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse, that your LinkedIn images are the correct size and that they stand out.


Company Pages

Although the correct LinkedIn image size for the Company logo is square, the resultant box is actually a rectangle, which makes it difficult to find an image that actually stands out.

Company logo 300px x 300px – MFS 4Mb

Company banner image 646px x 220px – MFS 2Mb


Showcase page banner 974px x 330px – MFS 2 Mb

Showcase page larger image 442px x 248px



Group logo 100px x 50px – MFS 100Kb

Group Small logo 60px x 30px – MFS 100Kb

Group Hero Image 646px x 200px – MFS 2Mb

group*MFS = maximum file size

LinkedIn supports .JPG, .PNG and .GIF files for images

Download your copy of the Guide here: LinkedIn Image Reference Guide

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