letters-566420_1280Last week, LinkedIn announced they will be rolling out a new look to their messaging function. This is being launched over a few weeks and will start on the English speaking accounts across the iOS app, Android app and desktop versions. And no you cannot sign up for early access!

The aim is to provide a better user experience particularly for messaging on the go. LinkedIn’s hope is to encourage more to and fro conversations. To encourage us to communicate more, they are introducing the ability to attach documents and images as well as emojis, stickers and GIFs. Does that mean we will not only be using Facebook’s Messenger to ping-pong meeting arrangements, revisions of documents and pictures of our beloved pets? I hope not.

But it may well be a useful communication tool for job candidates wishing to go off piste and circumvent the office email system.

linkedin messaging

LinkedIn has aimed to clear the clutter from the messaging system, separating out sent, received, pending and blocked invitations to connect. If like me, you get used to looking in one place for all the communications on LinkedIn, you will have to get used to looking in different places. For example, everything to do with invitations will be on the People you May Know page which you reach from the Person icon on the top right hand side of the screen and then clicking the ‘See all’ link as shown below.

linkedin message

There are still difficult to find functions, such as ‘Request an Introduction’ which is under a drop down on the person’s profile next to the ‘Send an inmail’ button. That dropdown is one of the most useful bits of hidden functionality on LinkedIn. The other being the Relationship and Contact Info tabs which are under a connection’s profile picture.

It also looks as though Sent invitations will not be saved which for list makers will be irritating as only unreplied to invitations will be stored. In addition, be careful when you delete a message as the whole thread will go, so it is better to archive them.

Time will tell as to whether this revamped messaging will make our conversations more relevant, more frequent and more engaging, but one thing is for sure, I will still be helping people with their communication process on LinkedIn as one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘What do I say?’

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