Would you like to see a a glance who you are connected to on LinkedIn – First name, Last name, Job title, Company Name and Email address?

Watch the video below for the instructions but a word of warning – this is not a database for spamming your connections. Not only is that very poor practice but also very ineffective marketing! You’re connected to all these people on LinkedIn and that’s where you can ‘warm’ up your relationship with a view to discovering about their problems and whether you can provide a solution.

  1. Log into LinkedIn
  2. Navigate to My Network on Main menu
  3. Click on the number of connections you have
  4. Click on Manage synced and imported contacts
  5. Find Export Contacts and click on it
  6. Select the Fast file option
  7. Request Archive
  8. Enter your Password
  9. Select Done
  10. Return to page in 10 minutes
  11. Download the .zip file and extract .csv file

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