Over the past two years it has been increasingly difficult to build a strong ‘fan' base on Facebook without using the paid options by boosting a post or creating an advert using Ads Manager or Power Editor. It's not easy to reach a wide audience and the reason is simple – there's just too many posts to show everything to everyone. Facebook therefore used highly complex algorithms designed to place the posts you are most likely to be interested in on your newsfeed.

If the posts on your Facebook page are getting 10% of your followers liking, commenting or sharing then you are doing well.

It is therefore essential to focus on the posts which you know people are particularly interested in. This is tricky as we can't all share pictures of babies and kittens! One type of post I would suggest you share on a regular basis are videos. They are given priority by Facebook as they are the most popular media.

If you do get interaction on a post you can check to see if the people who have liked your post follow your page. If they don't then you can invite them to like your page.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find a post with a few likes. Here is an image of one of my video posts with 9 likes and a reach of 411.
  2. Click on the names of the people who have liked the post

3. Up will pop a highlighted box with the names and you can then invite them to like your page. You can see below that some have already liked my page and that I have invited the others.


Once you have invited people to like your page, you will gain a proportion of new followers who are likely to see yuor upcoming posts as they have already interacted on your page.

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