In this blog post we look at how to find the people you want to connect with on LinkedIn by using advance people search.

One of the complaints users of LinkedIn expressed when the new LinkedIn platform was launched was the removal of the majority of the filters for searching the LinkedIn database for connections for people using the free version. On the old platform there were a whole raft of filters available without upgrading to a paid version of LinkedIn.

Fortunately many of the search criteria have been restored and whilst ‘People Search' is a bit tricky to find it does mean that for most users the free version of LinkedIn for small businesses is probably sufficient for marketing purposes. For companies with the budget, Sales Navigator is highly recommended as it acts as a search engine and a CRM system.

The video below gives you a step-by-step guide to carrying out a search and the instructions are set below:

what are 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections? Read the explanation here: LinkedIn Connection types

Instructions for LinkedIn Advanced People Search:

  1. Go to search box and type anything into the box and press the search icon
  2. Remove what you have typed in!
  3. Press search again and the sub menu will appear including People, Companies, Groups, etc
  4. The filter menu is on the right
  5. Select from the Dropdown on each filter to refine your search. For example, location, job title, industry sector.
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