LinkedIn polls is the latest feature to be added to the platform and has started to receive great interest as it brings new life to the newsfeed.

I decided to trial the new feature with a poll all about online networking. The question I asked was: “If you usually go to in-person networking events and have done any online alternatives over the past few weeks, I'd really like to know what you consider is the ideal time they should last?” I included four options (the maximum) for people to vote on:

  1. Up to 1 hours
  2. Between 1 hr and 1hr 30 mins
  3. Between 1hr 30 mins and 2 hrs, and
  4. It depends

I set the duration of the poll for 2 weeks. The options are: 1 day, 3 days, one week or two weeks. The longer the duration the more likely you are to receive more votes, if, and only if you are prepared to share it.

Creating a LinkedIn Poll

  1. Go to Home on LinkedIn and in the centre is the posting section of the newsfeed
  2. Click on ‘Start a Post' and you will see the image above.
  3. Click on ‘Create a Poll'

4. Insert your question. The character limit is just 140 characters – the length of an old tweet! It's very short, so you'll have to be succinct with your question.

5. You can add in up to four options.

6. Choose the duration and then click on ‘Done'

7. Add your comment and tag relevant people by typing the @ symbol followed directly by someone's name. You do not have to be connected to the people you tag but they do have to be relevant – do not ‘spam-tag' people!

8. Include hashtags in your poll. I included #networking, #networkingevents and #businessevents. Three hashtags is sufficient.

9. You can share your post with individuals to encourage voting by sending your poll in a direct message. My poll gained 76 comments. This helps future posts show up in other people's newsfeeds as LinkedIn's algorithm favours people who post popular content.

10. Interact with everyone who comments with a ‘like' and a comment thanking them for voting.

11. Analyse the results by clicking on the blue votes number. I had 116 votes and can see who voted for each option. 57 people voted for option 1, 27 for option 2, 13 for option 3 and 19 for option 4.

12. Click on the blue response number and the pop up will show you who voted for that option. At that point you can message connections who voted and connect with 2nd and 3rd degree connections. Interestingly pages can also vote.

13. Write up your conclusions in a blog post and use the results as a reason to message everyone who voted. I will be sending the link to this blog posts to everyone who voted in my poll.

Here's a video showing you a recording of the process:

With so much ‘noise' on the newsfeed, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to use the direct messaging function of LinkedIn to build valuable business relationships. Being memorable is difficult. No-one wants to interact with a spammer but equally everyone wants to hear from people who can make a real difference to their business. Used wisely, LinkedIn polls are one of the best features to create meaningful engagement.

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