Why your LinkedIn Profile might lose you your next sale.

Putting yourself in the ‘buyer's shoes' is a good exercise when it comes to marketing and in particular your online presence. Does your website, email marketing and social media deliver a consistent message?

Although it's not easy to be objective about your own business, it helps to turn the tables and consider how you evaluate other peoples' products and services before assessing if you are presenting a clear, consistent message which showcases your business to best effect.

Do your social media profiles let your business down? Are they up-to-date and accurate? Would you buy something from this person? If you answered ‘no' to any of these questions, read on.

Take the objective view

Picture this…You're looking for a financial adviser and do a Google search for someone in your area and come up with several local firms' websites.

You click through and read the Home page. The next step is to go to their About page where there are headshots of all the employees with short biographies underneath. You know the sort of layout. You see it all the time.

Very often there's a link to each person's LinkedIn profile next to the biography. So you click over to LinkedIn looking for more information.

However, the profile on LinkedIn gives a completely different impression. There might be:

➡ An out-of-date headshot photo

➡ An incomplete LinkedIn About section

➡ No banner image which is an opportunity to provide additional information

➡ No link to the correct (or any) Company Page where the business promotes itself

➡ No activity – articles, posts, documents, events, etc.

➡ No Featured section with links to in-depth information

➡ No contact information, and so on…..

Unimpressed you head off to the next website where the LinkedIn profiles give a rounded view of everyone's experience, skills and interests. The LinkedIn profiles of employees in this company is consistent with the website and paints a rounded picture of every individual from the CEO to the sales team, from the office administrator to the finance director.

This builds trust. You really feel you know the people behind the business.

After all, if you're going to entrust your hard-earned savings with someone, you really want to know a great deal about that person before you sign on the dotted line.

So when it comes to optimising your LinkedIn profile, think like a prospective buyer and look at every element from their viewpoint. Does your profile make you stand out from the crowd and build trust with a potential client?

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