Why write a blog?

Here are ten reasons for writing a blog:

  1. Provides your readers with news about your organisation and your industry
  2. Helps your website get found in the search engines by focusing on specific keywords and key phrases in each of your blog posts
  3. Showcases your expertise by providing in depth articles
  4. Provides content to share on social media
  5. Forms the basis for content to send to your existing and prospective clients in a email ‘newsletter' (we don't like the term newsletter!)
  6. Builds into a valuable, categorised resource for your readers
  7. Encourages readers to subscribe to your regular articles
  8. Blog posts are re-purposed on platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn Pulse (articles)
  9. Writing regularly helps you review and revise your website content
  10. Blogs are a good way of publishing case studies and testimonials

Outsourcing blog writing

Outsourcing your blog writing to an expert is both time- and cost-efficient. We are writing from the viewpoint of the reader – free from jargon, unnecessary complexity and aimed at answering your readers' questions clearly and concisely.

We set out content so that it looks attractive on different devices –  PCs, tablets and mobiles – using a range of headings, lists, short paragraphs and various calls-to-action throughout the copy. Royalty free images and simple graphics are included to bring life to the blog posts and to clarify and complement the content. Where the budget allows we will include infographics and videos.

Blog writing for search engines (on-page SEO) is part of our service. We understand the trade-off between content which resonates with your audience and spending valuable resources on Dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's for Google!

Creating a Content Calendar

Planning blog posts in advance, even in outline, is the key to success. We work with our clients to produce a rolling 10-week Content Calendar.

We include:

  • Blog post title
  • Purpose (company news, industry news, case study, testimonial, event report, review, etc)
  • Category (topic area)
  • Focus keyword
  • Internal and external links
  • Quotes from experts or influencers

We have developed a specific approach to blog writing, which allows us to write for our clients whilst reflecting their tone of voice.

If you are interested in working with us on your blog please contact me on amanda@alterra-consulting.co.uk