Facebook has over 3 billion users worldwide. The UK has the highest proportion on Facebook accounts of any country or region in the world and many people visit their Facebook newsfeed many times a day.

Facebook is a place for you to interact with your existing and potential clients and customers in an informal way. Facebook is the perfect platform for you to show the personal side of your business.

Our Facebook training is useful for companies who have their own marketing department but who do not the experience in social media and would like to learn how to manage Facebook themselves. We would suggest tailor-made Facebook training carried out in-house. I will design the sessions specifically to match your marketing needs.

Alternatively, anyone is very welcome to attend our Open Facebook Training courses which are held in Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield or St Albans in Hertfordshire.

There are two aspects to our Facebook training:

1. Facebook Page and Group Management

With the recent changes to the visibility of posts on Facebook Business pages, it is now difficult to drive visitors to and engagement on your Facebook page. We are increasingly encouraging businesses to use Facebook Groups which allow you to interact directly with ALL your audience.

2. Facebook Advertising

The main change to the platform is that Facebook Pages which represent companies, brands, causes and communities are finding that their posts are only being viewed by between 10% and 20% of their fans depending on the ‘quality’ of the post. Posts including images and videos are more likely to be shown to your audience.

Gone are the ‘golden’ years of building a Facebook community merely by using regular activity. Now that Facebook has shareholders to satisfy since its listing last year, there is the need to increase advertising revenues.

In order to benefit from such a large, active audience, we advise companies to set aside a budget for Facebook advertising. And it’s cheap…..you can grow followers from less than £10 a day and with an advert there is less need for endless content creation on the form of posting. In other words, the ‘pay to play’ advertising model, once set up and well monitored is less demanding on time than posting content three or four times a day and hoping that engagement will draw additional followers.


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