Developing a Social Media Strategy is an important starting point for senior management, business development, marketing and customer services. A strategy puts social media in context. Building a social media strategy which integrates with your overall marketing and communications objectives will allow you to:

  • Decide which social media platforms are suitable for your business
  • Allocate resources for setting up social media profiles
  • Determine the process for the management of social media accounts
  • Map out the content requirements for social media communications
  • Set objectives for each platform in terms of community engagement
  • Put together a reporting and review schedule

How do we build a Social Media Strategy?

  1. We review your existing social media presence and compare it with those of your competitors. This provides a useful benchmark against which future social media activity can be measured. This social media audit and competitive review is a valuable starting point even if your business has no social media profiles.
  2. Having presented the social media audit, we discuss the main objectives for including social media activity into your marketing.
  3. We will concentrate on defining your target audiences and how they can be reached online.
  4. Online content is a combination of showcasing your own products and services with commentary on your industry.
  5. The frequency of communications will vary from platform to platform and part of the strategy will include how a content calendar will be drawn up.
  6. Social media management is time-consuming and requires the allocation of limited resources – time and money. We will consider the capacity you have in-house to manage your own social media communications versus outsourcing.
  7. We will determine any social media training needs your marketing and communications departments have.
  8. Social media marketing can become drowned in statistics. We will recommend the best measures to focus on, getting the balance right between meaningful numbers and overload.
  9. Finally, your Social Media Strategy document will be written, reviewed and finalised.
  10. As social media is a fast-moving topic, we will keep you up-to-date with all the changes and make changes to your strategy at a regular review meeting.


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