Social media presents new opportunities for your company to build relationships with an online community. You can demonstrate your expertise and show the real value of your products and services to your customers.  Social media marketing takes the ‘cold' out of cold calling, allowing companies to build brand awareness, provide swift customer service, as well as launch new products and promote events.

To give you the greatest benefit, we deliver our Social Media Training sessions in your office, at a time to suit your team and tailor-made to your company's objectives. Our experience in managing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for many clients over the past 5 years, means we understand the challenges of day-to-day management of social media in a business to business environment.

We offer two training courses. Level 1 for companies who have limited experience of using social media for business and Level 2 for companies looking to build an effective strategy.

Level 1: Social media marketing – an introduction


At the end of the morning's session, you and your team will be in a position to confidently use the main social media platforms of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for marketing your business. The pros and cons of each platform will be explained. The aim is for you to have the building blocks upon which a social media strategy can be developed at Level 2.

Session Outline

The  following topics will be covered:

  • Review of the uses of social media by UK businesses
  • Setting up and optimising LinkedIn personal and company profiles
  • Developing of a LinkedIn Communications Process for lead generation
  • Establishing a framework for using Twitter and Facebook for marketing
  • Building a Content Creation Plan

Fees: from £300 per session up to 10 people in the same company.

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Level 2: Social media marketing – building a strategy


For companies who have undergone Level 1 or who are familiar with the daily management of the main social media platforms, we have developed a morning's session which develops a tailor-made strategy for integrating social media into your marketing.

By the end of the morning, you will have an easy to implement plan with defined metrics and guidance on how to use social media to meet your goals.

Session Content

The following topics will be covered:

  • 10 reasons for building a social media strategy
  • Planning your social media objectives
  • Implementing the plan and the tools required
  • Review – assessing the effectiveness of the activity
  • Using YouTube, Slideshare and Google+
  • An introduction to social bookmarking
  • Social media, SEO and email marketing
  • Roles and responsibilities

Fees: from £300 per session up to 10 people in the same company.

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Why attend our Social Media Training Courses?

Our social media training courses help you learn how to use the main social media networks for marketing your products and services.  We get you up and running with the platforms quickly and teach you the particular nuances of each.  We consider how you can best allocate your budget and time efficiently. Let's set the scene with some statistics for the UK social media marketplace:

Social media marketing needs a strategy which is integrated into your company's overall marketing plan. Setting realistic objectives, training your team to use all the platforms with confidence and reviewing the successes and failures of different campaigns is just part of the social media strategies we develop with our clients.

In a large organisation, marketing may be a department in its own right where there are plenty of resources allocated to social media. However, in a small business, marketing may be part of several peoples’ roles and therefore, we consider how best to divide up the creation of the content, the posting of updates and interactions with the range of audiences.

Some of the social networks, such as Twitter, are relatively straightforward to set up and start using to find audiences. Yet others, for example, LinkedIn and YouTube, are more complex to use strategically for marketing your business.  It is not just about setting up a personal and company profile on the social media platforms, crossing your fingers and hoping the communications will flood in, it is about reaching out to relevant, highly targeted audiences who are interested in what you have to offer.

At Alterra, we have been managing social media accounts for companies for six years and have the experience to adapt to the marketing needs of different industry sectors, size of company and objectives.