An Introduction to Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only, social communication app which is currently in beta on iOS. At the moment (February  2021) membership is by invitation only. An existing member is given a number of invites available to add their contacts on their phone. (Top tip: your contact needs to have their country code included on their mobile number)

You simply add a profile picture and a biography. You can edit these at any time but you can only change your @ handle once. 

Follow me on Clubhouse by searching @amanda_brown

Your profile should be written like a LinkedIn headline and about section with the words you wish to get found for at the top of your biography.

Under settings (click on the cog in the top right hand corner of your biography) connect/disconnect your Twitter and/or Instagram account. This means members have a route to send you direct messages.

As of February 2021, you cannot include clickable links in your bio. It is strongly recommended to purchase an easy to remember domain name which is [brand].club which you can redirect to your website. There are some people including Linktree account link – once again this isn't clickable but may be easier to remember than a full-blown website..

For the first few days new members have a party hat emoji appended to their profile picture to signify that they may need assistance in using Clubhouse.

Do not be put off by the number of followers existing members have. Everyone started out with just 1! Some people who already have large social media followings will be able to gather a large following very easily by promoting themselves by email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, on their website, etc. 


The Structure of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is made up of Clubs and Rooms. Clubs, may be private, public or social. You have to apply to create a Club.

You do not have to have a Club to start a Room. Anyone can start a room. 

All live Rooms are listed on your app. Keep scrolling down until you find one that looks interesting.

Conversations take place in Rooms. In each Room there are one or more moderators who host and manage the Room. They have a green star icon next to their name. They are at the top of the screen, ‘on the stage' together with people they bring up to speak; below the stage are people in the Room who are followed by the moderators and speakers and the rest of the audience is lower down the screen.

Simply click someone's profile picture to read their bio, follow them and receive notifications of when they are active on Clubhouse.

Next to the Follow button there is a circle with stars inside; click on this symbol to see ‘People to Follow'

Starting out on Clubhouse

When you join Clubhouse you can select from a number of broad interest groups. This signals to the algorithm to show you Rooms and Clubs you might be interested in. Keep on exploring until you will topics which are appealing.

When you first join hop in and out of rooms, listening carefully to how they are run.

I recommend starting with small Rooms so that you get a chance to speak or to ask a questions.

Some Rooms have panelists who present and don't invite members up to speak, others are very inclusive and openly welcome true conversation. Managing and moderating rooms takes practice, tact and diplomacy. Anyone who flouts the rules can be removed from a Room and reported!

Clubhouse Etiquette

  • Mute yourself when you are brought up on stage
  • Don't speak over other speakers – you can see who is speaking as their profile pictures have a beige surround
  • Try not to ramble on with your life story unless that is the topic of the discussion
  • Politely step down from the stage when you have finished making your point
  • Feel free to click the + sign to invite people into the Room you are in
  • Follow the host and/or the moderators
  • Do not record a room without the express permission of all the speakers
  • When hosting a room, summarise the subject-matter under discussion from time to time

Growing your Brand on Clubhouse

  1. Complete your bio with a compelling call-to-action
  2. Be active but concise when talking about yourself and your business
  3. Be truthful and authentic as it is very easy to spot the opposite
  4. Don't be pushy – this will end up having the reverse effect you wanted
  5. Share how people can contact you with a simple invitation to DM you on Instagram or Twitter without sounding desperate.
  6. Once you have hosted several Rooms, start your own Club. Each Club has its own profile which gives you further real estate where you can share your business details

Cross promote your Room and/or Club across all your other social media accounts. For example, add your event as:

  • A Facebook Event
  • A LinkedIn Event (invite all your connections to attend)

Finally, enjoy Clubhouse! It is an app where people are sharing their expertise openly and enthusiastically. I have learnt so much from listening in while doing cooking, household chores and on my daily walk.