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  • Are you looking for highly-profitable services to add to your portfolio?
  • Do you have existing clients – both B2B and B2C – who are looking for help to manage their LinkedIn personal profiles and company pages, so you have fewer clients paying a significant retainer?
  • Do you want to add valuable LinkedIn management to your list of skills?
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I have been managing LinkedIn accounts on behalf of clients for over a decade and have trained hundreds of business professionals how to use LinkedIn to elevate their personal and corporate brands and build relationships with potential clients.

LinkedIn Management Services

VAs have the attributes to manage LinkedIn effectively

Use your existing skills to manage LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn management requires: planning, organisation and consistency, which are three of the key attributes of all successful virtual assistants.

Adapt your social media management to online networking

If you are already managing social media for your clients, then adding LinkedIn management will be a natural and profitable extension to your services. But managing LinkedIn is different from managing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. LinkedIn is an online networking platform with multiple different functions which can be used to showcase your clients' expertise, generate conversations, discover partners and build leads.

LinkedIn is set up for messaging

Invitations to connect on LinkedIn are permission based unlike other social media platforms. The messaging functions integrates seemlessly with Zoom, Teams and BlueJeans allowing the scheduling of video meetings automatically.

Add an interesting, valuable, diverse skill set to your toolbox

LinkedIn management is an exciting, varied task which provides VAs, social media managers and freelancers with a new revenue stream. My longest-standing client relationship is over a decade resulting in fees exceeding £60,000.

How to Start out with LinkedIn Management

Once you have optimised your client's profiles, there are three ongoing aspects to managing a LinkedIn personal profile and company page on your client's behalf:

1. Posting content

2. Finding connections

3. Responding to messages

Setting the Parameters

Being a successful VA requires an in-depth knowledge of your client's business, combined with agreeing what should happen in different situations. For example there will be tasks:

  • where you have the freedom to act on your client's behalf,
  • when content or activity needs reviewing prior to posting, sharing or messaging.
  • where you need guidance.

When it comes to managing LinkedIn it is vital that you set some guidelines at the beginning of the project and also that they are reviewed from time to time. As you become more familiar with the subject-matter and get a feel for the people you are connecting your client to and the efficacy of your messages, so you will be able to take on more responsibility and undertake the tasks without reference to your client.

Managing LinkedIn is managing a client's reputation

Warren Buffet's wrote:

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

LinkedIn is your client's online reputation. You have the responsibility of ensuring that reputation is maintained and in an ideal world enhanced.

In the business to business arena, managing a client's LinkedIn is a responsible position which should be valued and compensated accordingly.

If you have sole responsibility for managing LinkedIn for a client, they should recognise the importance of the activity. Building a personal brand is vital for so many professionals in the service sector. Chris Ducker of Youpreneur advises entrepreneurs to focus on “P2P” – people to people – relationships. In other words a LinkedIn professionally managed LinkedIn presence opens doors with people who you and your client wants to do business with.

Let's look at the three main areas of activity LinkedIn clients are interested in:

1. Posting Content

Posting content for clients is central to all social media management.

Active LinkedIn accounts are treated favourably by the LinkedIn algorithm. In other words, regular posting of content to the news feed flags to LinkedIn that the profile you are managing is active and therefore that the posts should rank higher than for inactive or irregular users of the platform.

Content should keep the visitor on LinkedIn rather than sending them off to other websites. (There are workarounds!)

Videos and images are favoured so you will have to be able to use tools to produce these posts.

If your client writes a blog, then repurpose the content to LinkedIn articles.

2. Finding Connections

LinkedIn People Search, either on the free or the paid-for versions of LinkedIn, is at the heart of LinkedIn marketing. 

Whether you are looking for potential leads, partners or suppliers, LinkedIn is the modern-day Rolodex or printed directory. From property developers to facilities managers, from marketing directors to IT managers, you will never run out of people to invite to connect. 

Keeping track of invitations and connections is not straightforward and requires the organisational skills every VA possesses in abundance.

LinkedIn for Complex Sales

Building relationships with several people within a company is an approach which helps in situations where there are multiple individuals involved in making a purchase. For example: if your client supplies energy-saving equipment, he or she would benefit from connections with the finance director, facilities manager and operations manager in a single company. A multi-pronged approach is highly recommended.

Once again as a LinkedIn manager you are take on the time-consuming tasks which many business professionals do not have time to undertake themselves.

3. Crafting and Responding to Messages

A person's success in life can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Tim Ferriss

To an extent I agree with this quote. However, I highly recommend making your new conversations as comfortable as possible! Using LinkedIn messaging for your client ‘warms' up the relationship and turns a cold contact into a potential opportunity.

Crafting compelling messages on LinkedIn takes skill. It also requires a ‘testing and measuring' approach. If one message isn't working, try another. When you find the open-ended question that turns a connection into a potential client then bingo. Scale up your activity.

There isn't a simple formula for messaging. Every industry sector is different. Every job role is different. Every profile is different. Mass, automated messaging is rarely successful unless you are promoting a commodity.

Charging for LinkedIn Management

Adding LinkedIn management services to the tasks you already undertake for a client results in an additional revenue stream. From experience you will need to allocate a minimum of 10 hours a month to manage the above activities to a level which is effective. On an hourly rate of £25/hour that's an additional £250 per month.

There may be additional ad hoc tasks if your client promotes an event on the new LinkedIn Events function. 

Add in the creation of LinkedIn Stories for additional engagement.

If your client employs a team you may offer the management of several personal profiles AND a company page. Add to this the LinkedIn Events promotion and posting into LinkedIn Groups, there is the potential for charging upward of £1,000 per month.

How to sell LinkedIn Management to your Client

There are seven key reasons why your client needs to have a managed LinkedIn service:

  1. Building your client's and their company's reputation online.
  2. More online visibility showcasing their expertise.
  3. Sharing content that adds value to their network, driving traffic to their website.
  4. Adding in recommendations from clients providing social proof.
  5. More connections with highly relevant potential clients and strategic partners.
  6. More timely conversations with existing connections and rekindling old connections.
  7. Increased appearances in search.
Outsourcing to you as their VA means all the activity is managed professionally with high integrity and attention to detail, leaving them to get on with answering specific messages and arranging calls to take the conversations one step further.

Which of your clients would benefit from this service?

How many new leads does you client need to make LinkedIn management a highly valuable addition to their marketing?

When you have your next conversation with your client, investigate if this is a service which would add value to their brand awareness and marketing efforts.

In many cases, if your client converts one or two of the connections you make a month, the cost of your service is more than covered by the additional revenue that is generated. If your clients are in the accountancy, financial planning or consultancy sectors, the lifetime value of each additional client is likely to be worth many thousands of dollars.

Outsourcing LinkedIn management simple makes financial sense, both for you and your client.

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