LinkedIn Company Pages - the quick guide

When it comes to social media, one thing is certain – they won't be the same next year as they are today. New features are being launched almost weekly and disruption is happening all the time. Look at the recent popularity of Clubhouse which, even though it is still in beta, it already has over 10 million users. 

LinkedIn is introducing new features all the time. For example, have you looked at LinkedIn Stories on the mobile app? LinkedIwill be adding a feature called Marketplace where freelancers will be able to list their services in a similar fashion to Fiverr and Upwork. Software companies now have the facility to add Product pages. It pays to keep on top of these new features.

One section which is frequently overlooked by small businesses is LinkedIn company or business pages. In this post I provide you with a guide to best practice.

Complete your LinkedIn business page

Completed business pages get 30% more weekly views. 

1. Fill out your overview

Include your:

  • Products and services
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • What makes you different
2. Add your logo and banner image
  • The logo is 300 pixels by 300 pixels
  • The banner image is 1536  pixels by 768 pixels
  • For templates for the banner image see: Canva templates for LinkedIn Company Pages  (plus LinkedIn Personal Profiles, LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Groups) 
3. Add your details
  • Website 
  • Headquarters  
  • Office locations  
  • Industry  
  • Organisation type  
  • Size 
Post engaging content

Post daily

Consistent updates posted to your LinkedIn company page is the best way to acquire and retain followers. Pages that post daily receive twice the member engagement. 

Use Content Suggestions

Use the content suggestions tool to discover topics and articles that are trending in your industry sector.

Include images and video

Include custom images, image collages (3-4 images in one post) and videos in your posts. Video is 5 times more likely to gain engagement than other media but keep them short and to the point. Share PowerPoints and PDFs to deepen the relationship visitors to your company page have with your organisation. Ask questions which will spark conversation. 

Use the 3-2-1 Method

According to LinkedIn best practice is to publish 3 pieces of industryrelated content, two posts from your employees or your community and only one piece of product or service-related content every week.

Notify employees 

If you work with team then notify your employees of posts so that they can interact with them easily. Research shows that employees are 60% more likely to engage with posts from their colleagues and 14 times more likely to share content from the company business page versus other brands. 

Monitor activity

Monitor your activity and check your Google analytics to see if traffic to your website is increasing as a result.

Watch out for new features 

At present (March 2021) product pages are for software companies that sell a specific standalone product. You are not able to list a service that is intangible. 

The main benefit is that you will be able to generate leads for free from these product pages. Watch out for the roll-out of this feature across all industry sectors over the coming months.  

My recommendations

In a networked world, it is difficult to know all the online places that your potential customers visit before they purchase your product or service. Do not lose out by NOT having a complete LinkedIn personal profile or company page. It’s there to use for free and it will take you only an hour or so to complete and manage each week.

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