Social media marketing relies on the consumption of your content by a wide audience and if you are in business development, sales, marketing or recruitment, using LinkedIn Company Page posts will be one of the most effective ways to showcase your expertise.

Most companies with over 10 employees have a LinkedIn Company Page which is updated regularly. Keeping that page up-to-date is a task which is either carried out by the marketing department or outsourced to an agency or social media consultant. I have been crafting content for clients’ company pages for over a decade and it requires both time and skill.

However, at the time of writing (October 2021) LinkedIn company pages receive little engagement. Take a look at your own company page; how many likes, comments and shares did your recent posts receive? Who interacted with your posts? Is it your team or a wider audience? 

Look at those people who liked your posts. Use that interaction with your posts are an opportunity to visit the profiles of people outside your organisation and connect with them. See if they are connected to people in your company and to bring this to their attention. LinkedIn is about a series of micro-interactions which build into an opportunity.

I am not suggesting that you abandon your LinkedIn company page as we never know what features LinkedIn is about to introduce to increase their relevance to marketers.

However, I am recommending that you calculate your LinkedIn Reach Factor and see if you can explode your audience by leveraging the networks of your employees.

How to calculate your LinkedIn Reach Factor

“Employees have, on average, 10x more followers than corporate social accounts.” Source: LinkedIn

  1. Visit your LinkedIn company page and find the number of followers (A).  Let’s say 2,800 followers.
  2. Multiply the number of employees associated with your LinkedIn company page by 400 which is the average number of personal LinkedIn connections (B). E.g. 250 times 400 = 100,000 connections.
  3. Find the Reach Factor by dividing the total number of personal LinkedIn connections (B) by the number of company page followers (A). In our example, this is:

100,000 divided by 2,800 = 35.7 times.

Imagine having a reach of 100,000 people.

This means the potential reach for a post shared by every employee on LinkedIn associated with your LinkedIn company page is 36 times MORE than simply posting to the company page alone.

So, what is your LinkedIn Reach Factor?

How to benefit from your employees' connections

By putting in place a Champions Programme, the effectiveness of your LinkedIn company page posting can be multiplied many times over. 

It is very demoralising for a social media manager who has worked hard to put together thoughtful posts, for these to only be seen by a small audience. 

Leveraging the networks of your colleagues can have a significant impact and raise the profile of both the brand and key individuals. Rather than relying on employees logging into LinkedIn, why not use our recommended software which simplifies the whole process.

Email amanda@alterra-consulting.co.uk for a demonstration of our Social Champions platform and we'll help you to understand the potential of your LinkedIn Reach Factor.

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