Publish Long-form Content on LinkedIn

Educate, inform, inspire & entertain – that's the purpose of content marketing. Spread your message across as many channels as you can. Repurposing your content, which you have spent many hours crafting  means more people read your valuable advice.

When it comes to the publication of content and the potential for increased engagement LinkedIn is the perfect place to add your articles as frequently these will show up higher in Google search results than the original article on your website. This is because the LinkedIn website has a high domain authority.

Up until recently the publishing of articles was limited to personal profiles, but now your are able to publish as your company page. 

I would highly recommend using this new feature as LinkedIn always ‘favours' new roll-outs. This means that if you share an article from your company page with your audience, it is more likely to show up in their newsfeed (unlike posts which are controlled by the algorithm).

I also advise publishing the article on your website first, waiting a few days until Google has crawled your site for new content, before copying the content to your LinkedIn article. It is always worthwhile adding a note to the LinkedIn article stating that the content was originally published on your website and provide a link to the blog post or page.

Step by step instructions for publishing on LinkedIn

As an admin or super admin of a LinkedIn Page, you can write an article as the Page or as yourself.

  1. Visit your Page Super or Content admin view.
  2. Under the Start a post prompt, click Write article.
  3. Click the icon to add a cover image.
    • Move your cursor over the image and click the  or icons to adjust the size of the image.
    • Click the icon to delete the image.
  4. Click the optional Add credit and caption field and enter your text. 
  5. Click Headline to enter your article title.
  6. Click Write here to enter your article text.
    • Click the icon to embed an Image, Video, Slides, Links, or a Snippet. You can’t embed other LinkedIn articles for privacy reasons.
  7. Use the top toolbar to adjust your text formatting.
  8. Click the Publish button.
  9. Click the optional Add hashtag
  10. Click the Publish button.
  11. Click optional Copy link to obtain your article’s shareable URL. 
  12. Click the optional Share button to share your article with your personal network. 

Alternatively, you can publish an article from your personal profile homepage. 

So the next time you write a blog post, article, eBook or case study, publish it to LinkedIn.

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