Whether you are new to social media marketing or someone who shares content already but finds being consistent difficult, this post will give you five ways to save you time.

1. Brainstorm themes

Take out a pen and paper and list all the topics that come to mind when you consider the products and services you offer. 

For example, if I'm a graphic designer, I might list:

  • Trends for 2022
  • Best font combinations
  • How to layout a PDF for easy reading on screen
  • Sources of free images
  • Composition tips

….the list goes on until you have run out of ideas. You might find there are lots of sub-themes.

And don't forget your services and/or products. While we want to offer value in our social media posts, we also need to share our promotions.

Think of all the frequently asked questions you asked and add them to the list.

If you run out of ideas, try https://answerthepublic.com/ for inspiration.

2. Download a Calendar

  • Download a blank calendar and add a theme to each week so that you have a focus. 

Add all the public holidays and notable days for the year. Here is a list for the UK for 2022. https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/uk/2022. You might find awareness days useful too. https://www.awarenessdays.com/awareness-days-calendar/category/2022/

Some people like to have a recurring post type for each day of the week:

  • Mondays – top time saving tips
  • Tuesdays – news related post
  • Wednesday – interesting statistic
  • Thursday – share from website or blog post
  • Friday – personal or personable post

3. Use Scheduling Software

My next tip is to use scheduling software. My recommendation is Publer

This is a cost-effective scheduling platform (free for up to 5 social accounts) with a bundle of features. The most time saving features are ‘repost' which allows you to easily re-use old posts and the Canva integration.

Publer includes scheduling to Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn pages and personal profiles, Instragram, Pinterest, Google My Business.

4. Batch your Content Creation

The more posts you create in one sitting the quicker you'll get at crafting your content. Set aside an afternoon and get into the swing of social media. You will find a rhythm which goes something like:

  1. What is the theme?
  2. What type of post is it?
  3. Find the image
  4. Find a link
  5. Write the text
  6. Schedule

5. Reuse Posts

Unless your business is all about the latest news, your social media content can be repeated multiple times. If you think about it, do you remember all the posts you have seen this week let alone this month or quarter. 

Once you have planned and written your posts for a quarter – 65 or so – you are able to reshare them adding newsworthy ones for variety and changing up the text and the images. 

If you are looking to complete your social media content for the first quarter of 2022, join me on Thursday December 9th at 1.00pm (London) for this live, online workshop when we'll craft your posts together and get 2022 off to a flying start.

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