Turn one-way communications into two-way conversations

The problem with using LinkedIn for marketing is that it starts with a one-way communication and the hope of engagement.

In comparison, marketing via referrals, networking, exhibitions and conferences are more ‘comfortable' as they start with a two-way conversation.

To be successful at marketing on LinkedIn (or any social media platform) it is therefore vital to understand how to encourage your connections to interact with your content. 

These interactions can be:

  • a like, comment or share on a post
  • acceptance of a connection request,
  • a response to a direct message
  • a vote on a poll
  • subscription to a LinkedIn Newsletter
Critical to increasing interaction is high-quality content which educates, informs and entertains your network.

However, the social media algorithms put constraints on the size of your network that sees your content. On Facebook, this can be as low as 1-3%.

Battling the Algorithm

You post and hope that the algorithm deems your content worthy of presentation to a large proportion of your connections; in other words, the distribution of your content is controlled by the dreaded algorithm. 

The probability of your content being seen is a function of multiple factors including:

My overriding piece of advice is to always share high-quality, valuable information.

4-Step Process for Starting Conversations

  1. Optimise your profile
  2. Build your network in a specific niche
  3. Communicate your expertise
  4. Convert a connection into a potential client

Your LinkedIn profile is more than just a CV. It is a window on what makes you tick; your values, personality, approach to business, etc. The more you round out your profile the better, particularly your Headline, About section and Featured section.

Once your profile is optimised, when someone views your profile they will have a complete picture of your professional life. This means that when you invite people to connect they are more likely to accept the invitation.

Building your network does not have to be time-consuming but it does need to be systematic. 

Once you get to the stage of converting a connection into a potential client – a prospect into a lead – this is where your questioning skills come into play, to discover whether or not there is a fit.

Start a conversation

We have all received overtly salesy messages immediately after we connect with someone on LinkedIn. These are a complete turn-off! No-one enjoys being sold at. 

I recommend learning as much as possible about connections before taking the relationships one step further. That way you are more likely to be able to set up an appointment to explore opportunities. Remember only 3% of clients are ‘ready to buy' at any one time. Losing a potential client at the first hurdle is ill-advised, so patience is required when it comes to nurturing your leads.

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