Are you a business professional looking for online marketing help?

When you run your own business, managing all aspects from finance to operations, there is little time left for marketing, and, in particular, learning all the different aspects of online marketing which is an ever-changing environment.

I bring many years' experience ensuring your marketing efforts are integrated with your business activities – doing what works, not just jumping on the latest bandwagon!

I started my career with the Finance Department of Ford Europe having completed a BA in Accountancy and an MSc in Management Science at Imperial College, London. I then spent 11 years in the City working for Barings and Phillips & Drew Fund Management as an Investment Manager.

Subsequently, I set up my own independent consultancy advising investment companies on the application of new technology.

A move to the countryside, a passion for gardening and a year studying Landscape and Garden Design led to me running a landscaping business in 1997 which ran for 14 years. This business allowed me to run a business whilst bringing up a family.

The proudest moments of my career: firstly, launching a £110 million specialist, small companies fund for UK based pension funds, and secondly, winning a medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

My career in the City as an investment manager has given me a broad experience of analysing what makes a company profitable. Running a small business myself means I relate to the diverse problems faced by small and medium sized businesses.

"I would advise all business owners to be passionate about whatever you do, to have a go and not let fear of failure paralyse you into inaction. Take calculated risks, make a few mistakes, learn from them and be adaptable. The sum of all experiences, good and bad, makes us who we are." Amanda Brown BA, MSc, DIC, Managing Director

Amanda Brown