Our specialist LinkedIn Management service is all about connecting you to the people you really want to do business with and to take the ‘cold out of cold calling‘. We find you the right people in the right companies and deliver the right message directly to them.

Consistent implementation of a tried and tested connecting, content creation and communications process (the 3 Cs) is at the heart of our LinkedIn Management Service. This service is for business to business companies focused on growth, where building relationships and showcasing your expertise are at the heart of your success.

Laying the foundations

Our LinkedIn Management service is allied with your business objectives. It is our aim to understand the decision-makers you wish to connect. Together we build a profile of the ideal customer including:

  • Job titles
  • Locations
  • Industry sector
  • Size of the company, and many other factors

The aim is to define how your company's solutions meet the needs of your ideal client either now or in the future. It's the LinkedIn dating service!

We use your company's marketing to better understand the messages you want to communicate with potential customers.

Profile Optimisation

The starting point for our work is to optimise your LinkedIn company page and the profiles of the key people in the company, usually directors and managers in client-facing roles. This includes optimising:

  • Profile pictureslinkedin management2
  • Banner images
  • Company page headers
  • Editing profile information
  • Uploading key media

Ongoing LinkedIn Management

The objective is to provide a constant source of leads for your business development and sales team. The number of leads is largely driven by your offering. For high value, high margin products and services (for example energy-saving equipment) the numbers will be lower than for high volume goods and services (for example software).

For companies who wish to undertake their own LinkedIn Management, we provide a complete LinkedIn training programme

Making the perfect connections

LinkedIn is all about finding the right potential clients and customers. We look for quality as opposed to quantity.linkedin management

For example: if you are an energy consultant then the people you want to connect with will include facilities managers in large companies with high energy consumption. LinkedIn is the perfect place to search for specific people in specific industry sectors.

We will connect you to these people in a highly professional way by using a tried and tested approach which avoids looking spammy or sleasy.

Creating relevant content

LinkedIn activity is a combination of frequent posts and regular articles. The aim of this content is to showcase your expertise to your audience by sharing relevant valuable information which sets you apart from the competition and keeps your brand top of mind. In a complex sale which may take many months or even years keeping the momentum alive can be a challenge.

Communicating the right message

Messages come in all shapes and sizes:

Text on its own or with an image and links.

Messages are there to educate, inform and engage – to make your business stand out from the crowd. We are here to ensure that your messages on LinkedIn are being seen by the right people in the right place.

With seven years' experience of using LinkedIn to generate leads for a range of companies in many industry groups, we are the experts in the field to help find that next contact.

Our 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report found that of the more than 5,700 marketers surveyed, 56% utilize LinkedIn as part of their social media marketing strategy, down from 67% in 2016. As expected, LinkedIn use is still heavily skewed towards B2B, with 81% of B2B marketers and 44% of B2C marketers reporting they use it.

Social Media Examiner, Sept 6, 2017