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Employee advocacy is the process of encouraging your employees to share your organisation's content with their audience. Leverage your employees' social media networks by empowering them to spread your industry expertise to their audience. Turn your employees into ambassadors for your brand by empowering them to craft content in their own words. 

A formal employee advocacy programme attracts and develops new business and helps to shorten the sales cycle. Advocates involved in employee advocacy elevate their professional, personal brand which helps their career progression.

by Amanda Brown

The benefits of employee advocacy

The benefits of employee advocacy

  • Increased brand awareness and recognition
  • Increased reach and engagement on social media maximising the return on content creation
  • Advocates feel valued and trusted
  • Lower social selling costs
  • Social recruitment
  • A platform for technical experts and thought-leaders to showcase their knowledge

we offer A step-by-step process


Establish Goals

What is your measure of success? Followers, traffic to the website, comments on posts, shares?

We help you to establish goals which integrate with your business plan.

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Create Social Media Guidelines

Clear guidelines help employees to have confidence in both sharing and creating content.

We audit your social media policy and ensure it reflects your purpose.

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Secure Leadership Buy-In

Participation across the company results in the most successful brand amplification programs.

We present the benefits of a social media employee advocacy programme to your leadership team.

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Training on best practices for social media platforms including optimising profiles and content creation.

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Leverage Technology

We recommend the most straightforward tool which meets your goals.

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Drive Adoption

We demonstrate how to drive your social champions programme for success.

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